Arriva - BBL opleidingstraject & arbeidsvoorwaarden


Drafting the scenes and storyline in plain greyscale sketches

All of our animation project start with a kick-off meeting, discussing the goal of the animation, the target audience, the intended feel and style. After receiving the written voice-over script from our client, we started developing the supporting graphic architecture and drafting scenes. Using metaphors, or depicting real-life situations, the story comes to life in initial sketches as a first deliverable. We discussed the setup with our client and collected feedback, leading to an improved version of the storyboard.


Defining the graphic style of the animated illustration

Once we confided in the initial storyline and scenes, we designed three separate illustration style concepts. These consisted of various interpretations of the Arriva corporate identity, but all staying true to the colour schemes and styles. Together with the client we chose a particular style as a base for the rest of the design process.


Illustrating all the scenes and finalizing the storyboard for animation

Taking the chosen graphic style into account, we illustrate all the scenes. Thereby creating a storyboard that is an exact visual representation of the animation. In this phase, we are still able to make small adjustments in the scenes – for example altering colors or elements. We make sure that the client is 100% satisfied with the storyline and visualizations, before commencing the actual animation.


Recording the voice-over and delivering the first animations for feedback

Only after we had the client’s approval on the storyboard, including the script, we ordered the recording of the voice-over. Meanwhile, we started animating the first scenes and timing all elements in accordance with the voice-over. Within a few days we were able to send the first draft animation in low-res to the client for feedback. After a few iterations we ended up with a great result, pleasing all stakeholders involved.